About us / Mission

Mobil Office Furniture is specialized on the production of furnishing systems both directional and operational offices, produce and realize division space systems and pro-vides “turn-key” projects to both private and public institutions in Italy and abroad.

The furnishing solutions proposed are orien-ted to improve the quality of the work places, with lot of attention towards the respect for security regulations and comfort. The various finishing and colors available on the different collections allow the work place to be pleasant and dynamic.

About us / The area

From a small local company to an international company.

In the fifties, in an area known and renowned throughout the world as one of the main wood and furniture districts, the brothers Mario and Antonio Spagnol laid the foundations of what would become an important international industrial group.

A company that started from the basement of their father’s house, focusing more and more on a precise entrepreneurial vision made up of skills, passion and craftsmanship.

The know-how gained in this particular production centre, combined with the great experience in the design and construction of carpentry works, pushed the two brothers to assemble the first custom-made furnishing accessories.

Company / The area

Thanks to the success achieved, it was soon necessary to buy a small building and involve other craftsmen and professionals.

Several of them still collaborate with the company as invaluable custodians of the knowledge, arts and traditions that have helped make the district so famous and well-appreciated all over the world.

The first production plant

Company / The area

Evolution to “Gruppo Industriale Spagnol”

After the production of furniture for the living area, over the years SpagnolGroup has expanded and developed its offer through the acquisition and launch of new divisions and industries to allow its customers to find the same guarantee of quality, creativity and taste applied to other environments in their home.

Company / About

Founding and expansion of Spagnol Cucine

1987 – The first kitchen “drafts”, the embryonic form of the Spanish Kitchens, were born.

In 1992 technological evolution saw the development of new production plants.

Company / About

Founding of Mobile Office Furniture

Mobil Office Furniture, born in 1998, with a factory of 15’000 mq, is part of SCL&B Srl. Its Core Business is made by design and functionality of office furniture, setting up their own market strategy, always searching new solution and finishes. A particular atten-tion is directed towards the respect for the environment and the ergonomic of the work place.

Company / About


A world in constant evolution. Today, Spagnol Cucine is present in many countries with an always up-to-date and international furniture proposal.

Spagnol kitchens are distributed all over the world thanks to a strategic entrepreneurial vision and a contemporary and cutting-edge design

Strong of a long and tested experience on the production of furniture for the house, for years works even in the CONTRACT sector in Italy and abroad with remarkable technical experien-ce in the design, production and personalization of furniture for offices, companies, hotels.

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Company / Environment

Ecology and environment

What does environmentally sustainable mean? We often hear talks about environ-mentally sustainable, but lots of people still do not have a clear idea about what environ-mentally sustainable means. Environmentally sustainable or eco-friendly, consist of a series of behaviors compatibles with the surrounding environment since they shall not encroach the resources.

People who choose to help the environment and so to be environmentally sustainable, thank to a series of little daily actions like, cut down on waste, recycling and reuse, contributes to protection of the Earth reducing accumulation of mixed waste.